A database for the control of the seismic vulnerability: Acciano


  • Stefano Bertocci Università di Firenze
  • Giovanni Minutoli Università di Firenze




vulnerability, historic centers, survey, restoration


The constant, continuous presence of seismic activity in Italy presents, once again, the theme of prevention; the earthquake in Abruzzo, as well as the one in Emilia, is a demonstration of  how fragile our country is, but also of how an earthquake can hit indiscriminately both old and new structures, including manufacturing plants which are more controlled and controllable than residential buildings. The problem of studying, registering, cataloguing and recording information about historical centres and their stratification is well known; in fact, often a quantity of information, gathered while drafting research and analysis data, or also simply while copying the paperwork attached to building plans that were put forward, is lost because it is not filed correctly, or because not all the possible filing systems are known to us.



How to Cite

Bertocci, S., & Minutoli, G. (2012). A database for the control of the seismic vulnerability: Acciano. DISEGNARECON, 5(10), 115–120. https://doi.org/10.6092/issn.1828-5961/3304