The integrated survey as the base for urban planning


  • Chiara Vernizzi Università di Parma
  • Andrea Zerbi Università di Parma



Integrated urban survey, Information system, Reconstruction plan.


Following the earthquake of 6 April 2009, which severely hit the Abruzzo region, in 2011 the City of Navelli has signed an agreement with DICATeA (University of Parma); its objective was the development of scientific and technical activities related to studies, analysis and project for the reconstruction of the historic centers of the capital and the fraction of Civitaretenga. DICATeA addressed the issue based on an original and interdisciplinary methodological approach, aiming at the establishment of an information archive easily searchable, updatable and can be interfaced with other existing archives. Such an approach to the theme gives a central role to survey as a means of critical knowledge, through which the built reveals the wealth of information that is the bearer.


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Vernizzi, C., & Zerbi, A. (2012). The integrated survey as the base for urban planning. DISEGNARECON, 5(10), 173–178.