Communication of architectural design and Prefab-houses.


  • Massimo Ballabeni Università di Bologna
  • Luca Cipriani Università di Bologna



The article investigates the relationship between architecture design and its communication, within the study of the prefab-houses, which now are widespread in Europe, as this housing type is characterized by the design research of optimized and innovative residential solutions. The operational experience conducted on case studies of “Prefab-Houses”, offered original ideas because these buildings, while exceptionally compact, share many features with larger buildings. These can be studied for their aggregability, combinatorial possibilities, furniture, the materials used and development of construction details. The communication of the project and its digital representation is particularly important as retailers generally promote these houses through catalogues. Specialized visualisation systems are therfore needed to represent effectively the inner-outer spaces, materials and customizations, with different techniques such as drawings, abstract-photorealistic rendering and animation. The match between case studies and research was considered successful in terms of teaching goals and besides research directions concerning the relationship between design representation means, modeling and 3D digital design communication systems.

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Ballabeni, M., & Cipriani, L. (2009). Communication of architectural design and Prefab-houses. DISEGNARECON, 2(3).