Cultural Heritage communication technology


  • Elena Ippoliti University La Sapienza in Rome
  • Alessandra Meschini University of Camerino



This magazine issue is about the relationship between digital techniques and the communication of cultural heritage and specifically aims at portraying how the interest and implications of these two things are widespread. Without trying to go too in depth, various points of view have been compared, each taken from different articles presenting a wide range of possible approaches on the subject of creating a wealth of information on cultural heritage and how it can be made available to the public without difficulty.

Therefore, this issue wants to create a forum for a many-sided comparison built on a wealth of experience and opinions of different authors. In this way the abundance and versatility of the contributing professions (architects, archaeologists, engineers, mathematicians, graphic designers, artists, video producers, digital experts, 3D graphic designers, critics, directors, etc.) has given life to a precious blend of know-how, which is without doubt enhanced by present-day digital technology.



How to Cite

Ippoliti, E., & Meschini, A. (2011). Cultural Heritage communication technology. DISEGNARECON, 4(8), 1.