Architectural Video projection


  • Ezio Antonelli Unità C1
  • Andrea Mordenti Unità C1



Architectural Video projection, Video-art, Video-installations, Augmented Reality, warping, soft-edge,


Transfigure a building, even for a few minutes, involves some responsibilities. A building is not a simple screen where images are supposed to be projected: it becomes a space of transformation, the place where the architectural idea arises an unusual level of attention, while, at the same time, architecture is temporarily liberated from the building's dependence.

The form becomes the instrument of abstraction, metaphor, concept. Art is transformation of perceptive reality by means of transgressive optical contradictions towards evasion and  abstraction.

Architectural video projection, in this sense, is strictly connected with XXth Century Artistic Avant-garde, as stated by Umberto Eco in ''The falsehood theory'', every form recalls a content that may be interpretable by fruition.

With Architectural Video projection there's a possibility (or a need) to focus on lying in a critical and constructive sense.



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