The Diffused Museum


  • Lorenzo Taiuti



Diffused Museum, Virtual Museum, Digital Museum, Art And Web, Prosumer and Culture,


The New Media produced in the last 20 years multiple hypothesis and on different levels; communicative, cultural, aesthetical. The development of a section of applications and research on relationships between art and science, drives to define an area of communication between technology and creative languages is slowly getting inside aesthetic cultures, creative production, in managing  and use of art.

The acquisition of new instruments, new media, new general shapes, must get in the esthetic body and in the art system.

Concepts like virtual reality, immateriality, global networks and many other points that digital culture has produced during these years are points that need questioning.

Those are application fields that Museums have begun to explore and where much is left to do. The links between museum functions and public must go through activations of museums in the fields of digital languages, new didactics and new mass communications.



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