Cataloging of architectural drawing in the digital age


  • Laura Audisio Comoglio Architetti



Documentation, Cataloguing, Digital architectural archives, Web archives,


The culture of preservation and storage regarding architectural records has a relatively recent history, but for sure the future of architectural archives will be formed of digital material. That’s what emerges from contemporary architecture’s imaginary, increasingly made up of processes, products and life cycles extremely complex, in respect of which computer’s use assumed a central undisputed role.

It is therefore necessary to understand how is it possible to catalog digital architecture and how this process could relate with paper archives.

The consciousness that native digital heritage is by far more fragile than printed material, begins to affect the major international institutions, that started research programs.

How to deal with the issue about digital authenticity, what to preserve of this records and how to maintain program features over time, are just some questions that research has not yet given definitive answers.



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