Memetics of representation


  • Roberto De Rubertis University La Sapienza in Rome



representation, geometry, evolution, memetics


This article will discuss about the physiological genesis of representation and then it will illustrate the developments, especially in evolutionary perspective, and it will show how these are mainly a result of accidental circumstances, rather than of deliberate intention of improvement.
In particular, it will be argue that the representation has behaved like a meme that has arrived to its own progressive evolution coming into symbiosis with the different cultures in which it has spread, and using in this activity human work “unconsciously”.
Finally it will be shown how in this action the geometry is an element key, linked to representation both to construct images using graphics operations and to erect buildings using concrete operations.



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De Rubertis, R. (2012). Memetics of representation. DISEGNARECON, 5(9), 23–26.