From disorientation to narrative. The city in Filippo Romano’s photography


  • Chiara Scali Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria



photography, city, representation, Filippo Romano


Photography is a form of writing.
Like other forms of representation, describs and reveals: drawing traces, writing uses signs, photography uses pictures. All of them contribute to the staging of reality. The work of Filippo Romano is based on the belief that photography is an investigative tool of the social, physical and immaterial reality. Showing and doubting, wondering and asking why. Filippo Romano goes through the places, the cities, the landscape, studies history, architecture, the way of life of those who live in it, trying to fully understand and represent them, through his eyes, more open and readable. The photographer remains in fact a "tuned person" for which it is very difficult to representing the complexity. What matters, in the end, is to represent. An idea of city, more than a real city, and places where identities often blend together.


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