Geometry, crystal of thought


  • Anna Marotta Polytechnic of Turin
  • Mauro Luca De Bernardi Polytechnic of Turin



architecture, geometry, formal thought


You do not speak as you think, but you think as you speak: this means that as the flow of thought follows our language syntax, so the formal thinking, whether purposeful or interpretational, follows the geometric layout.
Geometry is an axiomatic system that, if modernly it is purely formal, in ordinary life remains material: a true Kantian "a priori". Geometry pervades the civilized people’s life; we can take into consideration two aspects: firstly, the Geometry justify formal choices through fixed relationships between entities; secondly, Geometry makes understandable and communicable ideas.
Our contribution aims to demonstrate how Geometry, from tradition to modernity, is still useful in its various forms.



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Marotta, A., & De Bernardi, M. L. (2012). Geometry, crystal of thought. DISEGNARECON, 5(9), 41–46.