Artifacts in evolution. The mathematical representation between generative design and numerical practices


  • Massimiliano Ciammaichella IUAV Venice



generative design, parametric modeling, mathematical and numerical representation


In last years is increased the interest in design practices inspired to natural organisms and forms, to hybridize in synthetic shells and structures.
The digital representation directs design processes concentred on the evolutive process of form, allowing a sculptural approach to modelling.
The paper describe how folding of box shaped volumes, deconstructed and fragmented, it was melted in static embryos to inhabit.
Thanks to the computer potentiality, which may influence more than serve the design, we passed to the programmable deformation of surfaces, written by codes for the definition of recursive patterns on structures, however the construction of artifacts named “generative architecture” does nothing of different that follow consolidated methods and knowledge of Representation, blending them with current available techniques.


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