Urban design and modeling: applications and perspectives on GIS


  • Roberto Mingucci University of Bologna
  • Aurelio Muzzarelli University of Bologna
  • Luisa Bravo University of Bologna
  • Simone Garagnani University of Bologna




integrated modeling, GIS, Urban design


In recent years, GIS systems have evolved because of technological advancements that make possible the simultaneous management of multiple amount of information.
Interesting aspects in their application concern the site documentation at the territorial scale taking advantage of CAD/BIM systems, usually working at the building scale instead.
In this sense, the survey using sophisticated equipment such as laser scanners or UAV drones quickly captures data that can be enjoyed across even through new “mobile” technologies, operating in the web-based information systems context. This paper aims to investigate use and perspectives pertaining to geographic information technologies, analysis and design tools meant for modeling at different scales, referring to results of research experiences conducted at the University of Bologna.


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Mingucci, R., Muzzarelli, A., Bravo, L., & Garagnani, S. (2013). Urban design and modeling: applications and perspectives on GIS. DISEGNARECON, 6(11), 11–20. https://doi.org/10.6092/issn.1828-5961/3659