Vol. 6, n. 11 (2013) - GIS & Urban design, edited by Roberto Mingucci and Ana Clara Mourão Moura

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The articles that compose the issue #11/2013 of DISEGNARECON present different applications of geo-technologies, composed of techniques of territorial mapping, remote sensing, Geographic Information Systems, visualization and three-dimensional representation. The authors discuss the state-of-art and the state of the design in GIS & Urban Design, through conceptual reflections and case studies developed in Europe and South America. They represent a mosaic of the contemporary challenges in planning and management of urban territory, from regional scale to the scale of single units, presenting the new values in urban design. They describe how the GIS and its developments and applications have a relevant role in decision-making support, considering local laws and simulating the conformation of the new sustainable urban landscape.
The articles point out to the new trends in geo-technologies, with emphasis on their role to promote the comprehension and visualization on the urban territory and, consequently, favoring the participatory planning. Among the new trends there are the developments of methodologies of spatial analysis, through the construction of representative models of reality, which simulate decisions of policymakers and the design of the landscape in predictive form.
The issue #11/2013 of DISEGNARECON is carried out by complex diagnostic studies, by the simulations of projects for a wide display of propositions and of the actors involved, and by the digital modeling of territorial occupation, what makes the use of GIS technology a sine qua non condition.

Published: 2013-05-21